"Are you inscribed in the Book of Life?"

Imagine a time in the future when a child's fingers touch a page in the Foundation Book of Life. They turn to your story...Their questions begin...Who are you? Why is your name in this precious book of memories?

Your name and the story of what inspires you and your family to give to Jewish causes can be inscribed as a living memorial of your history of Tzedakah. Why do you care so deeply about perpetuating this Jewish community? Why do you care about your global Jewish family? What happened in your life to cause you to become involved? Is there someone in your family you wish to honor or memorialize?

An inscription in The Book of Life is a promise to establish an Endowment Fund on behalf of any of the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida partners. You can choose to establish your fund now while you are here to see the results of your efforts or at some other time during your lifetime, or you can leave a bequest in your will. Establish an Endowment Fund in some uniquely personal way and leave your living legacy of caring for those in need. You have done so much during your lifetime. What will happen to those causes you care about when you are no longer with us to help?

Through the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida you can establish funds to benefit our partners. You can make contributions from your fund to any of our partners, to other Jewish causes, to your alma mater, a hospital, Israel or any 501(c)3 qualified charity. For additional information about tax advantaged planned giving methods and about how you can increase your income and make gifts to charities or about how you can be inscribed in the Book of Life please call 904-394-0720.

Perpetuate your lifetime of giving to Jewish causes.

Contact the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida today to inscribe in the Book of Life your personal story of giving and caring for Jewish causes. Phone (904) 394-0720

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Create A Jewish Legacy Jacksonville is sponsored and presented by the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida and is a pilot program of the JFNA. It is a collaborative effort of our area synagogues and Jewish agencies.