Legacy Stories

Barry and Eunice Zisser

Barry and Eunice ZisserBarry and Eunice (Price) Zisser met as the result of a blind date in 1958, while Barry was serving as an officer in the Air Force. They were married in 1959 at the Jacksonville Jewish Center. This year they will celebrate their 50th wedding anniversary.

Eunice and Barry have held leadership roles in local and national Jewish organizations. Speaking to a local Jewish agency board Eunice shared her insights into the simplicity and importance of Create A Jewish Legacy for our community. “Create A Jewish Legacy is about planning ahead, planning while we can still laugh about life, planning while we can still feel the need… If our families had the opportunity; which they did, but did not have this guidance; our community would be in a much better financial place today.

Inspired by generations of their families Eunice and Barry share the philosophy of the importance of giving tzedakah, financial and leadership support, to Jewish organizations. Through their legacy gift that will be funded with a life insurance policy this inspiring couple will ensure that the many Jewish causes they have invested in, nurtured, and supported during their lifetimes will continue to receive financial contributions for all time.

Henry and Julie Mizrahi Halpern Leave A Jewish Legacy

Safer Legacy StoryHenry and Julie Mizrahi Halpern were children of immigrant families that relocated to Jacksonville. Their hands tell a story of love of Judaism, overcoming challenges, building and sustaining traditions, and menschelecite.

Eventually, these hands established a charitable remainder trust that provided income to them for their lifetimes. Remainder assets from the trust will ensure that their efforts on behalf of two cherished Jewish organizations will continue even though they are no longer with us.

Thanks to Julie and Henri who believed, “You give ‘til it feels good,” River Garden Hebrew Home, a beneficiary of the Halpern Trust, will continue the work of their hands, adding life to years for the young at heart who call the facility home… forever. Also beneficiaries of the trust, generations to come of the Jacksonville Jewish Center will feel the gentle touch and comforting nudge of Julie and Henri guiding them along the path of Jewish education.

These hands, the hands of Henri and Julie Mizrahi Halpern, have created a Jewish Legacy. Together they created past, present, and through their generous gifts to endowments, future cherished memories that will last for all time.

Ruth and Joe B Safer Leave A Jewish Legacy 

Ruth and Joe B Safer Legacy StoryAs a founder of Beth Shalom Congregation Joe inspired their education wing. Ruth could be found in the kitchen, hands in the cookie dough, engaged in a Sisterhood program. Her happiest moments were spent with Joe, sons Howard (Arlene), and Donnie, five granddaughters, two grandsons in law, and two great-granddaughters.

Joe was the first recipient of an award the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville presents to an individual who “enhanced Jewish life because they have the best interest of the Jewish community as a high personal priority.” In his honor, the Joe P. Safer award is presented annually. Encouraging others to turn visions into reality, in 1982 Joe donated company stock to create an endowment fund for the Jewish Federation of Jacksonville. It was the first endowment gift to a Jewish organization in our community.

Always raising funds for Jewish causes, Joe’s involvement included UJA, JNF, Israel Bonds, JFCS, JCA, and synagogues. Working together with David Stein and others he encouraged the community to build the Jewish Community Alliance.

Joe once stated, “I’m delighted my parents instilled in me responsibility for Jewish people and causes.” As Trustee of the Ruth B. and Joe P. Safer Endowment Fund, Ruth expressed pride in their gift. “I am fortunate to have two sons who are helping to double its size in honor of Joe’s memory.”

Before her passing December 06, 2005 Ruth shared, “The endowment fund Joe and I have given to the Jewish community and the Jewish traditions we have inspired in our children and grandchildren, this is our Jewish legacy.”

Rabbi Martin and Jeanne Sandberg Create Their Jewish Legacy 

Rabbi Martin Jeanne Sandberg Legacy StoryCall it beschert, fate, coincidence or something else, but Jeanne and Martin Sandberg have been dancing in step since childhood. Even their parallel careers were destined to support one other. Each with their own niche both found themselves working for the Jewish Community.

Rabbi mused, “In education circles I was known as ‘Jeanne’s Husband’. In religious circles, Jeanne was known as ‘Martin’s Wife.’ We compliment each other. If a sermon needs work Jeanne tells me. If Jeanne needs help with rabbinic material, I am there.”

When asked what motivated them to leave a legacy to the community Jeanne replied, “The Jacksonville Jewish Community is warm and welcoming.” Martin added, “If I knew how good a community could be, we would have been in Jacksonville first. Beth Shalom leadership is dedicated and engaged.”

Together Rabbi Martin and Jeanne Sandberg decided to create their Jewish Legacy by designating, in their will, a percentage of their estate to Jewish causes. Someday these funds will continue their legacy of educating and inspiring future generations of the Jewish community.

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