How to Get Started

1. Develop your vision

Although Creating a Jewish Legacy involves a future gift in your will or estate plan, it starts with your personal vision. Think about what is most important to you and if it’s helpful to your thought process discuss your ideas with family and trusted financial advisors.

To help you formulate your thoughts and ideas, click here to utilize the Visioning Worksheet.

2. Declare your intent:

“ I don’t know what I want to support and I don’t know how I might want to fund a gift, I just know I care.”

You don’t have to know the details of your legacy gift right now. This is a thought process. When you make the decision to set aside a part of your estate for the benefit of Jewish causes, you’ve made your first important step.

It is now time to put your wishes in writing to document your intent. When you notify the Foundation of this important decision by completing a Create A Jewish Legacy 1 Page - Declaration of Intent the process of completing your legacy plan begins.

• Remember to contact the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida to share your intent and start working together on the details of your plan.
• Your conversations are always strictly confidential.

3. Personalize your Legacy Plan

The Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida is here to help you design your personal legacy plan.

Your Legacy Plan specifies the purposes of your gift, and which organizations and causes you want to support. It ensures that details of how your gift should be used in the future are clear and appropriately documented.

Foundation will help you customize your own personal legacy plan. You can change the beneficiary organizations at any time during your lifetime.

The Estate Worksheet will help you to consider what your estate may be.

The Legacy Planning Worksheet will help you to formulate your thoughts about your personal needs, people in your life, your passions, and how they all fit into your personal financial plans.

The Create A Jewish Legacy 2 Page Declaration of Intent will assist you in determining your priorities for your charitable gift plan.

4. Fund your Legacy Gift

There are many options to fund your legacy plan. Some can be completed without the help of a professional advisor, although you are always encouraged to consult a professional to insure that your charitable plans are consistent with your financial plans for yourself and other loved ones.

Your legacy gift of any size can be designed to match your own personal circumstances. Contact the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida for a confidential conversation and consult with your professional advisor to discuss options that are the most appropriate for you.

Options include and are not limited to the following:

A simple charitable bequest in your will or trust
A beneficiary designation in your IRA or pension plan
An outright gift using appreciated assets or cash
A life insurance policy
A charitable gift annuity
A charitable remainder trust

5. Document your Legacy Plan

The Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida is here to help you with this important step.
To ensure that your intent and wishes are honored today and for the future, contact the Foundation for help in designing and customizing your personal legacy plan.

Sample Documents
Simple Bequest Language

6. Be an inspiration to others

You have made the significant decision to Create A Jewish Legacy and are now a member of the Legacy Society. Members receive regular correspondence, attend events, and with your permission are recognized on materials and in other important ways.

The news of your gift may encourage others to create their own Jewish Legacies. Write your Legacy Story in our community Book of Life and be remembered and included in our Jewish community historical archives.

Please contact us at 904-394-0720
Email us at Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida

Create A Jewish Legacy Jacksonville is sponsored and presented by the Jewish Community Foundation of Northeast Florida and is a pilot program of the JFNA. It is a collaborative effort of our area synagogues and Jewish agencies.